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About us

The company was founded in 1984. We specialize in gummy, jelly, fondant and chocolate coated production. We operate as a co-manufacturer as well as private label supplier. We also distribute our products under the Figle Migle brand.


We have been a holder of the BRC certificate since 2008. We work with the best European suppliers and constantly improve the qualifications of our team.


We are eager to work on recipes based on our customers’ specific needs



Great team and fast decision process enable us to shorten the time to market to the absolute minimum. Moreover, we can offer very small MOQs, which allows our customers to reduce the risk of introducing innovations.

Private labels

Private label describes products that are manufactured by one company and sold to end-customers under another company’s brand. It is a world-wide trend mostly popular among corporations operating on a world-wide scale that outsource the manufacturing processes to subcontractors that are specialized and experienced in a chosen and often complicated production type.

The main advantages our customers gain from introducing private labels to their portfolios include the possibility to offer a new, attractive product without any capital expenditures, short time to market, better use of their exisitng brands as well as re-allocation of company’s resources that allows to focus on core tasks

We have been an active participant of the private labels market in Poland. We cooperate with multiple retail chains and producers that decided to place their trust in us and put their brand on products coming from our factories.

What can we do for you?


We are eager to share our knowledge with you while working on your product. We will assist you during the process of materials selection and laboratory trials.

Laboratory samples

Po ustaleniu receptury przygotujemy próby laboratoryjne, które pozwolą Ci przetestować nowy produkt przed przystąpieniem do produkcji masowej.


Do you have a packaging concept? We work with the best suppliers of packaging materials in Poland, that would take on the most difficult tasks.


We enable cooperation based on very small MOQs which greatly improves the logistics and reduces warehousing costs. If needed, we can also arrange all transportation and warehousing operations.


We offer a wide variety of shapes, colours and flavours, but upon your wish, we can also create a unique composition of shape, look and taste.

Apart from traditional porcine gelatine, we also use vegan friendly agar-agar and pectine. We also create products based on fondants and chocolate masses. Our recipes are often adjusted, so that they better match the target market requirements.

We use natural ingredients, from the best European suppliers. Upon our customer’s wish, we share the full documentation of used materials.




Marshmallows in chocolate

Marshmallows in chocolate

Foam-backed gummies

Foam-backed gummies



Gummies in nonpareil

Gummies in nonpareil

Sugarred jellies

Sugarred jellies

Sour gummies

Sour gummies

Jellies in chocolate

Jellies in chocolate


We continue to develop, improve our processes and recipes. The quality of our work is regularly verified by external, indepentent auditors.

Globally renowned certificate confirming highest standards of quality and safety of the produced food. We have been certified against BRC since 2008.

UTZ organisation is the founder of sustainable development programme for cocoa, tea and coffee growth. UTZ helps farmers to  work in a more efficient and sustainable way. UTZ certificate is our humble contribution to the creation of a fairer supply chain.

Our brand

We offer a selection of our products under the Figle Migle brand. It is a value brand that includes the most popular types of gummies.

Our production sites:

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